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From A to Zambezi: Why You Need to See Mozambique

Published By - Stephen Scott via Truevail

**From A to Zambezi: Why You Need to See Mozambique **

Mozambique may be the beach holiday you’ve been waiting for and didn’t know existed. Imagine a country with 1,500 miles of unspoiled coastline, crystal-clear waters and white, soft sandy beaches. Not only beaches, but wildlife too – drawn to the lower Zambezi River, one of the most biologically diverse floodplains in Africa.

## _Safari, Gorongosa National Park_ Africa’s largest protected marine area is found just off the country’s northern coast where you’ll discover the Quirimbas archipelago. Here 32 islands stretch right up to Tanzania -- the diving and snorkeling amongst these lesser-known coral reefs is enchanting. But further south, and perhaps easier to reach for visitors, are five stunning islands in the Bazaruto archipelago where luxury resorts cater to high-end beach escapes. Benguerra Island, the largest, is a haven of tranquility and adventure in the midst of another marine reserve.

### _Benguerra Island Aerial, Kisawa Sanctuary_ Consider Kisawa, on Benguerra's southern tip, as an exquisite example of adventurous luxury found in Mozambique. Kisawa’s 22 bespoke thatched villas blend impeccably into the nature that surrounds the resort, with several restaurants on-site, a spa (jet-lag relieving massage included) and non-motorized watersports when it’s time to get active. Families will be enchanted by the incredible sea shells to be found, while romantics should book a sunset sailing in a wooden dhow, holding hands while the ocean breezes swell the sail and your heart.

### _Kisawa Sanctuary, Benguerra Island_ Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony (it gained independence in 1975), and Portuguese is the official language, though English is common as is Makhuwa, the main Bantu language. Keen to kickstart tourism, Mozambique allows visitors from the United States and Canada visa free access for 30 days, and perhaps the best time to visit is during the June to October dry season. Make sure to bring some cash, U.S. dollars and South African rand are accepted. 

### _Snorkeling, Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort_ Exploring Mozambique and indulging in its fantastic beach resorts is a complete holiday experience in itself. However, this destination also seamlessly combines with a safari adventure, making it an ideal addition to your itinerary. After all, if you're already on the continent, why not explore more of its wonders? Effective planning is crucial to ensure you secure the perfect resorts at the ideal times, allowing your journey to flow seamlessly and ensuring a smooth and memorable experience.